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Searching for Colors

Released on April 25, 2022

"Searching for Colors" invites listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey through compositions crafted for a diverse ensemble. With the integration of a string quartet, rhythm section, and horn section, the album presents a rich tapestry of sound and expression. Drawing inspiration from the visionary artistry of various musical influences, the music seamlessly blends elements of jazz, contemporary composition, and impressionism. 


Avinoam Ettun: Guitar, compositions, and arrangments.

Chava Frankel- Violin I 

Ido Zohar - Violin II 

Simcha Digilov - Viola 

Maya Zemach - Cello


Guy Pozin - Flute

Guy Gourevich - Trumpet

Roy Fastman - Trombone

Ehud Ettun - Double Bass

Nadav Assaf - Drums


Special guests:

Henrique Eisenmann - Piano

David Alfandary - Soprano Saxophone


Recorded at: Daniel Aloni's studio, Israel.

Engineered by: Jacob Gorensteyn, Elana Stinman

Mixed and Mastered by: Yushu Bao

Album art by: Ilan Fainshtein

Special thanks to maestro Josef Bardanashvili for the inspiration

Released on April 25, 2022

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